Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wedding odds and ends aka: waiting for the photographer! UPDATED!

I have gotten (one might say stole!  hehehe)  a few pix from Sarah Jane's camera!!  This is a nice way to fill in some of the holes that are in my collection.
Fun at the Butternut resort!

Maggie with her party shoes!!

That dog looks mighty comfy on my couch

Beginning the decorations

Giving directions or discussing arrangements?

Oh yeah, she did

Tried out the polka music- dance floor works well!

Making the wreath for the reception

willow wreath

moms and dads and beers and the like

Jon and Sarah Grace

Tim and Rob and their wives

The girls

Emily, Bill and Rose

The elusive Mike and The MA 

Lol, Sarah and Maggie

This girl is always up to something

My beautiful new daughter-in-law
Waiting for the Photographers photos yet.  Hope to get them maybe next week....

Until then, be a joy giver!

My dear brother, Ed, sent me a few more pix, finally a few of my siblings....

Rose, Darlene (Brother Ed's lovely wife) and Debi

Debi and Sarah Grace

Ed and Bill Frazier (the Mad-seester's lovely hubbie)

Rose and Emily

Ed and Dee

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