Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Daffodil watch 2013 and a perfect night for gardening

So here is the first Daffodil, but she was just barely opened!  I will catch a better pic of her later today!! I am SO happy to see this little darling!  The clouds in the background were a harbinger of great clouds to come!!

Lola in all her glory- well as much as there is right now
I found perfect weather last night for hacking down a bunch of brown grass.  Not too hot (HAHAHA as if) and not too cold or windy- perfect! So I took my lil self and my felcos out to the long flower bed and took out 4 wheel barrow loads of brown out to make way for the green!  It was very satisfying.

I have quite a mess in there, and I will be paying for not keeping up with the weeding last summer.  I did a lot of exercise and canoeing and something had to give....  but it was a fabulous summer, and now this year, gardening will be more in the plan!

I am so so grateful that I was outside, as there was some spectacular clouds going on!!  The first two here are unedited from my phone~

These and the first ones are from my other camera- I am delighted with the results!  It was a gorgeous, quiet night, except for those spring peepers!!  And no one minds hearing those!

I am so glad that spring is here.

It is certainly a joy!

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