Sunday, October 6, 2013

And it looks brand new!

THIS recently happened.  Finally. After a lot of waiting for many things- and some of us would rather build a cabin than make the house look like this-  no fault or blaming (ok a little).  It is what it is and I LOVE this!!  I adore grey houses.

a during photo

I was going to do a full on step by step, but that isn't necessary!

THIS is blissful.  I joyfully include the house in my photos now!  It could be a Christmas card photo!  Lol.  AND for anyone who cares to gossip, well, it's none of your damn business.  That's all I will say.

We still have a few touchups of paint on the foundation and here and there.  AND we need to remember to go pick up a screen door for the side.... and of course there remain some rooms inside to get reno-ed.  But one thing at a time! NEXT is my next tiling job on the kitchen floor.  But maybe  not until spring, I have plenty to keep me busy right now.

Next year I get to do a little more landscaping!!!  WOOOOO HOOOOO  I am envisioning a few colorful bushes next to the new side door, a redo on the little porch and a whole lot of joy!

Until next time- be a joy giver.  Be happy with what you have, look forward to what is coming and love the people in your life to the fullest.  


  1. Your place is looking great!
    I love gray houses too ~ Ours is gray with dark blue trim. Hope to get our decks redone next year (for sure) just like this year (for sure) so we'll see. But when we did it shortly after moving in we did it in dark blue decking with white railing. Looked very sharp!
    'love & hugs from afar'

    1. Hey thanks so much Cher!! I am thrilled!