Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ella Grace!

I was - before my ridiculous bout of influenza- down south and stayed with Jon, Sarah and Ella, and it was pointed out by at least one dedicated blog reader that there was no Ella to be seen!  So in order to remedy such problems, here are a few.

Notice the BIB?!  :)
I was thrilled to be there when she was fed her first ever solid food! It was a hoot to see, she was more than ready to eat it.

Mom and Dad have been holding out on me!

Can't someone drop SOMETHING on the floor??

And now for the second course....
I also shot a few fall family pix for the Oswalds--

We also got in some "SO BIG" action, which she clearly thinks is hilarious!!  We all giggled a bunch about it!

While it wasn't in yet, she was working on getting that first tooth through!

Dis cold fing feels gweat, Gwamma!
It was so much fun to see her and the kids.  

And only a couple weeks and we will see her again!  What a joy!

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