Saturday, November 2, 2013

Febrile musings

Sometimes, I think we should just quit doing everything that we usually do, just to have a mental break.  No cooking, cleaning, tasks and chores.....  Yeah, well that doesn't happen much.  I hate having things hanging over my head- of which I have plenty today, but it doesn't appear a lot will be the finished at this rate.  Le Sigh.

I am whining today, because I am feeling under the weather.  Nothing hideous, but a fever, body aches sort of thing.  My stomach isn't upset, but it doesn't really want food either.  It's fairly mild, but annoying and draining.  I had to leave the house to do a few things- specifically get some horse feed and a new toaster.  I should never be allowed to make decisions when I am out of it.  The toaster I came home with is gigantic.  And when one doesn't have a ton of counter space, that is a bit of a problem.  I moved it to another place in the kitchen and I think it will work ok.  I- in spite of the fact that there are only 2 of us- wanted and needed a 4 slice toaster.  Don't ask why, I told you I am out of it and I will either be nastily sarcastic or cry.....  Lol, such is the way of the infirmed.

At any rate, I was going to get a good deal accomplished on the madrigal costume I am making, but I am going to be lucky if I get the parts cut out.  And, in fact, that should be my singular goal!  Well, that and a few naps.  I am also not enjoying my solitude today.  Maybe because I can't keep myself on one task for too long before being overcome with fatigue.  This seems pretty early in the season to be wishing the MA was done with his stint at the wreath and Christmas tree place.  I'll chalk it up to the virus.

I have a lot of photos to edit from my trip to Eau Claire for the art convention and then down to Janesville to see the grandgirl!  That might be the next thing I do, that can't take too much energy, right?? I have some more posts that need to be written, so that will be part of my plan.  See now, there is already more than one thing on the list, whatever am I going to do with myself??

On a positive note, I am looking forward to tomorrow!  In my opinion, tomorrow is one of the very bestestest days of the year.  And that day would be the end of daylight savings time!  I LOVE the extra hour, the leisurely feel of the day, and I refuse to plan anything except for perhaps a nice walk, if I am feeling better.  There is a possibility of SUN tomorrow and even if I am not at 100%, I will be outside for at least a while.  I need to soak up some rays!  This dreary, misty, cloudy weather is getting to me.  OH HEY!  My friend from New Jersey is running the NYCM and so I shall plan to watch parts of that!!  GO SAMARATHON!!!

So until later, when you could possibly be showered with Ella pictures (I was there for a first!!  You will see!) and other febrile musings, I will leave you for the comfort of a cool pillow.

And until then, find some joy and pass it on!! 

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