Thursday, November 7, 2013

Long LONG L O N G day ahead

So if it is early November, we know that it is probably Parent/Teacher conferences that I am referring to- or to which I am referring if you want to be grammatically correct.  Or at least grammatically better! Anyway, this is one of those days that will find me at school for 12 grueling hours.  At any given time I may be cleaning my desk, talking to parents, standing in line for Madrigal tickets, putting up some art in the elementary school, working on lesson plans, etc, etc, which is a problem because I have the attention span of a FLEA on such days and probably no task will ever be completed except the talking to the parents and the Madrigal ticket business!

Regardless of where I am, I am going to look GOOD because it is one of the very few days that I get to do some serious DRESS UP and not have stained clothes....  or at least I hope I don't.  I wish I would have remembered to get a new dress 2 weekends ago, but alas, I was doing a lot of this-
It's the Grandgirl!!

I will get home slightly after 8 (I live only about 6 or 7 minutes away from work) (ladies and gentlemen- start your engines) and then low and behold!!!  I get to be back at school by 8.  wah wah WAAAAHHH.  Fortunately, I'll be done at noon and so I can go and immerse my self in the heaven called Triple B and then go for a walk and then I will feel at peace again.

So now you know MY plans for the next few days!

I will say that I am quite thrilled with the art work that my HS kiddos have been doing.  I have given the advanced kids alternating realism and abstract assignments and I sort of secretly love the look on their faces when I do that- that sort of half terror/half twitchy look of either "Icantdrawgood" or "whatthehellamIdoingwhatisthisabstractstuff".  Hehehehehe.  Talk about out of a comfort zone.  Ah, the unexpected joys of teaching.

I'll take pictures of some and post this weekend.  There are some absolutely AMAZING things.

And the elementary kids, well, they are just adorable and have done well too.

Have a great day and give someone some joy today!

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