Friday, January 31, 2014

And winter is cranky this year!

I can just hear winter saying last spring- (you know, the spring that never came) HA!  They have NO IDEA what I have in store for them.......  MUAH HAHAHAHAHAHA.  (Did you notice the nice, icy, blue font I used for that?? )  

I wish you could see the true size of this snow bank! Hard to see the scale.
Anyway, you guys, I don't know about you, but I am trying to hang on to my optimism.  But man it is tough,  It is only the end of January and somehow feels like March, without the long days.  We've had a lot of winter shoved into the past few months.  AND I have never seen so much snow sitting around. The horse's life has gotten smaller, as he is kinda stuck in an area right around his barn.  He can't even get out to his little sunny corner- which is ok, since it looks like he could step right over the fence!  The snow is right up to the bottom of the door of the horse barn, and is almost as high as the window on the new side door!  Good grief!

Tomorrow is a great adventure- some friends and I are heading up to the northern most part of Wisconsin (I know, this is not all that great of an idea, but we have our reasons!) I will post about it tomorrow.  Tonight I went for a snowshoe, as someone in the house left the batteries for the screwdriver/drill doodad back at the cabin last Sunday.  So I volunteered to walk back to get it.  It is astounding how much snow is sitting around - sorry how repetitive this is, but it surprises me all the time.  

This is about 2 ft of snow on the cabin roof
I was recently asked how much we have sitting on the ground, and I said - oh you know a few feet, maybe 18 - 24 inches.....  WELL, we have apparently gotten 54 inches of snow here!!  54!  Color me corrected!  and we got about 5 more inches yesterday, so yay us. The horse's water bucket has disappeared under the snow.  I cleared out some snow from under our furnace vents and the MA chipped some built up snow off the entrance to the garage.  The mail man left a message indicating that there was too much snow in front of the mailbox, which resulted in a rant about junk mail from the MA- apparently tax season is in full swing.  Time to keep the beast soothed with some chocolate chips cookies or something similar.  

Lola is rapidly losing ground here- this was BEFORE the last snowfall
Poor Lola girl is really looking stranded out there!  The snow is only about a foot below her bird bath bowl.  I am hoping the poor girl doesn't get completely covered, she will not be amused.  I am think some sort of decoration on her needs to be done- I just need to get over by her.  This could be a challenge.

Anyway, at least we had some nice sun, even if there isn't much warmth associated with it these days.  Gotta get better- it is staying light past 5 and really looking brighter at 7 when I leave the house in the morning.  WHEW!  Of course you know what this means!  Daffodils (and heck, maybe Valentines flowers - a second year!!  That would be a shocker) are bound to be close behind.

Off we go into February, and I will continue looking for some springy types of joy!

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  1. My thought is even with the snow, this cold has to be driving down the frost line. I'm thinking late and long spring. My sister (in PA) caught a photo of a pussy willow catkin, they must be sensitive to day length rather than degree days. So if you are looking for signs of spring...