Saturday, January 4, 2014

Lola, la la la lala Lola

So, one of my friends on the internet said that he misses seeing Lola, my favorite tree and the Stone House on my blog. Until he said that, I didn't realize how much I miss seeing the stone house and my tree, myself. I have been truly NEEDING to go for some long walks on the road, but MAN they are nasty.  And so I will stick to snow shoeing in the relative shelter of the woods.  For the time being!

So consequently, I RAN outside tonight and took a quick pic of Lola just for Phil, who is currently worried about his teenage driver.  :) that is so sweet. It'll be ok, it's something we live through!  

I found a couple of pics of miss Lola from the last few months.  They are just a few I found on my phone!  I love Lola!  I know she looks a bit chilly, but she's a tough one.  Stays outside all year long without complaining, what a grill! ;)

Lola with a cone-head through the window

OH LOOK who snuck into my Lola post!  :)

Ugh, this is how it all started.  
Anyway, I wanted to make someone's day a little more fun -  because usually it is the smallest act of kindness, a little gesture or word that can make a person smile.  And that is such a joy!

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