Friday, February 28, 2014

End of Winter contest - When will Lola be free?

Oh honey, spring is on the way!

So I've been doing this goofy thing on Instagram, really by accident, showing a pic of a Lola a day since January 1.  I have done this almost every day, although I may have skipped a weekend day, and that is ok.  I am not obsessive about it, as I don't take the pic from the exact same angle.  I'd like to have done that in theory, but you guys, I just can't.  I have a friend from Madison who is taking a pic on the shore of one of the lakes down there, and it is beautiful and I loved how she was doing it.  So after some thought, Lola was sort of the obvious choice, she is right there!  I am not really doing it to record how the light changes at 7:00am every morning as I zip out the door, but just for the heck of it.  Little did I know I was chronically cataloging how poor Lola has been getting buried!

So as I was leisurely enjoying my coffee this morning, I noticed a piece on Channel 9 about a car dealership in Eau Claire who plunked a car on top of a pile of snow and are having a contest..... So yeah, here it is.  A contest about Lola.  (Also a tip of the hat to Lynn L. who had a competition when her old car would spin over to 200,000 miles.  I realize a small piece of it is that too).

I've had a lot of people ask me about Lola lately.  Besides Instagram, I  have had a pic of Lola on the Channel 9 weather as well - buried of course- and there is a lot of interest about how she was made.  And of course have we ever had this much snow before.

I am sure we used to get this much, but the thing is, between Lola, my digital cameras and the deck that has been put in since those times, I haven't had things to measure the snowfall against.  AND I had little kids and who the heck knew what was going on outside. It all boiled down to - is there school today or not??

Anyway, back to business (this was going to be a short post??) So what's your guess people??  WHEN will I be able to see the bottom of Lola's skirt clear of snow ALL around it?  I will NOT touch that snow, trust me.  I never do.  AND while you are at it, when do you think my first planted daffodil will bloom?  I won't be brushing the snow aside there either.....  really I won't!  It doesn't help anyway, they bloom when they want, I've tried that in the past, too.

What will the winner(s) get??  Uh, I'm not sure.  Cookies?  or I think I have a concrete flower pot that I could mosaic up into something purty, too.  THAT would be fitting if it doesn't cost 100 bucks to ship it!  :)  Pretty sure it weighs less than 40 lbs, so I can UPS it for sure.  My choice.

Leave a message either in the message portion here and because blogger can be twitchy, you can also leave me a message on the facebook post about this "contest" or even text/message me.  This was totally a spontaneous, early morning decision so I may be encountering issues I have no idea are coming.....  Oh well....  **Joy stealers need not apply!

So LOLA- when are you going to be free??  I'd like to say March 15 but we all know that isn't going to happen.  :)

March!  March is THIS WEEKEND!!!  AND during March I get to see all my kiddos again- and ELLA and the grand doggies.  YAY

March is bound to have a whole PILE of snow joy!!!

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