Saturday, May 31, 2014

Birds and the bees- summer is a lot of WORK

Today was another warm one, but there were clouds around, so it wasn't bad at all.  Summer is making herself known!

Last week when the Mad-Middle son was here and we checked out the state of affairs inside the hives and things were rocking and rolling in there.  The frames are almost all full, just 2 in each hive are not started, so I guess this was just the thing to do.  The new "super" needs to be put on so there is plenty of room for the bees to continue their expansion.  If they feel cramped, they sometimes decide to pickup and move!  That would not be good.

So we donned the bee suits, which might be a good technique against the mosquitos!!  We then took a wheel barrel full of stuff over to the hives.  Frames for the super, the smaller honey boxes, and our requisite tools of the trade. 

Bee suit selfie!

All of the stuff 
 We had to unload the sugar water with the medicine for the bee runs (this still makes me snicker) from the super and then remove the divider from under that second box.  Then the super was replaced and the frames were inserted.  I think I am getting this vocabulary down!
removing the feeders

Smoking the little dudes to calm them

Giving the frames a quick look

Replacing the super

Inserting the frames 

I got to be the hander over person- I handed over all the stuff, all the while having my legs rubbed by this one down here.  She's such a lovey dovey. 
I also refilled the smaller jars with the rest of the sugar water- we will have to check the syrup later in the week, as they are going through it pretty fast.

Such a pest- lol

Sugar water feeders- you can see the bees getting the goodies.

You know you have to smoke the bees a bit when they are all lined up looking at you.  I hope you can see that

This is the divider, that goes between the brood boxes (super) and where we have the sugar syrup feeders.  The bees hang on until we replace it.

And we are in business- time to replace the door area and let them get back to work
 So after that was done, the MA finished the first of the bird houses.  A few weeks ago he totally rebuilt the horse fence.  While doing that some of our old bluebird houses were deemed unfit for habitation.  So using some old signage (the old Mathison and Oswald signs from the office) he cut all the parts for the houses, and then did some odd-ass stuff with yellow and black spray paint.  I did a lot of eye rolling this afternoon. Lol.

Anyway, I was there to witness the attachment of the first of 5 birdhouses that will be placed on the horse fence.  (reality: can I carry these things over to the fence and I "get to" see the birdhouse put up)
Finishing the roofing

Number one is in place!
With all this activity, went a lot of lawn mowing and weeding and garden planting and more weeding. Whew!  Gotta tackle summer with all the gusto that we can muster!

And that was a joy- and we will sleep well, too!  :)


  1. Really you put a second brood box on...the "super s" will be the smaller boxes you put on next after the brood boxes are full. And the divider is the inner cover. All a bunch of random jargon, but figure it doesn't hurt just incase anyone else is just getting started

  2. Oh thank you! Lol, I thought super meant like supersized! :) So the little honey boxes that go on top are supers and the bigger ones on the bottom are the brood boxes. Got it!