Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Garden thoughts #2 Too much rain and veggies to plant

Another quick post about the garden-

It has been so rainy which translated to lack of planting for a variety of reasons.  So it hasn't rained lately, but it took a while for the ground to dry out enough to get in there.  We had a lot of company over the weekend, so not much took place in the garden.  BUT the MA managed to get in some more spinach, some beets, onions, lettuce, radishes and I think some kale.  We have some peas and spinach in, and I know at least the spinach is sprouting.  And then we have the rhubarb plant that is threatening to take over the world!!

I had someone ask about the wetness of their soil- it is dryer on top but only a few inches down is really wet.  I think the smaller seeded garden plants will do just fine if you put them in now, if you can do so without compacting too much ground.  So anything that can take some cold is great.

We will not be putting in potatoes for a few days because we had a MOAT around the garden a few days ago, and we cannot plant anything that freezes for a week or two- so the tomatoes, all vines, and green beans are on hold for the time being.

If anyone has a different experience I welcome comments!

As far as the flowers- I had a big loss of creeping thyme and sedum.  More than usual and I also discovered my collection of "Coral Bells" took a hit.  I have many in containers and I stored them heeled into the garden as usual and they had a hard time.  The fancier ones are crispy critters of dead.  DANG IT.

I did buy 2 hanging baskets of beautiful hot pink Calabrocha for my porch and they are gorgeous- picked those up at Bernies aka the Seed and Feed in Fifield.

I feel really behind- even though the crazy cold and wet weather kept me from getting out into the gardens.  Oh well, I have all summer.

A more extensive post will come about soon-

Have a great and joyful day!

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