Thursday, May 29, 2014

Grand babies and visitors

It has been a while since I did any sort of personal post- I have been rocking and rolling the last few months.  I saw my Ella-Bella 3 times in 5 weeks, and then just recently I met baby Greg one weekend and then spent extensive time with him and his parents over Memorial Day.  Life just doesn't get better than THAT! 

We had a bit of company with the new baby and his parents- and that was so much fun. 

An armful of LOVE

She's a busy little thing- I can't wait to see her running at full tilt!

4 gen pix- Great Grandma Kutz, Gramma Debi, Daddy Greg and Little Greg
The above pictures were taken a couple weekends ago in Waukesha- Had to make the trip down to visit Greg and Sarah.  I finished with an overnighter at Jon's place, too, and then headed home to prepare for the Memorial Day weekend, where I was fortunate enough to have the kiddos come here.
Momma Sarah and Greggy

This child was reaching for the rings at 2.5 weeks!!  
My sister and her hubs came on Saturday, bearing large gifts and that was just freaking awesome.  Their visit that is!   I didn't get a pic of her holding the baby or even of her with Bill!  Plus we had some local friends stop by- The Bablick families: Denny and Luann and Tim and Missy and kiddos.  The next day the Busbys and Joe and Brenda stopped over, so it was an action packed weekend.  Very fun to see all of them.  The baby did great- really.  He does like to eat, so his sleep time was pretty short.  He's growing fast!
A whole crew of Bablicks came over to say hi!

Joe and Brenda stopped by

Seester Rose and Lucky

Gramma spent a lot of time holding this little guy!

You just gotta love baby toes

I had to look for a pic of Grandpa holding Greggy, and this was all I found!  Gotta work on that next time

I tried to hang out with the little one so his mom and dad could go outside and not worry about things.  Greg also gave us a hand doing some work inside the garden shed, and Sarah is no stranger to powertools, so she was out there as well.  It was fun to be inside with the little one.  We all sort of took turns with him.

I, of course, managed to cook a LOT of food and the elusive Mike made several showings.  It has been a really great few months traveling a little and having guests and just experiencing a lot of JOY!

AND of course, it is not snowing so that is icing on the proverbial cupcake!!  :)

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