Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Ah, Mother's Day again adjusts it meaning in my house.  In a new role besides a daughter-in-law, I also have a new mom in my family.  Another Grandchild has entered the clan and it is amazing and awesome.

I wanted to call my  mom and talk to her about this new baby boy.  She was such a strong supporter for me when I had my kids. She came up for at least 4 or 5 days each time a baby was born.  For the first one, it was nice to have a knowledgeable person in the house with me (no internet, kids!!) and then for the next two it was someone else to be able to hang out with the siblings.  Back then - and this was only about 30 years ago, there wasn't quite the culture of the dad  being involved in every aspect of the process.  And especially up here in the middle of the northwoods.  The MA was also deeply involved in building up his new business, and he worked then, as he does now- a lot.  So I do not hold any fault- the Grammas were the go to supply of babysitters, internet websites and emotional supporters.

But as most of you know, my mom can't really hold up much of a conversation that would involve discussing the past, or deep, emotional sharing that a new grandson and his new mom and dad  would warrant.  There would be so many comparisons that would need to be made,  and extrapolations that should be worked on, as my son was an active child to say the least and he was SO different from his older brother. And of course, as children are, his younger brother was SO different from them.  Anyway, it is better not to bring on the sadness about things that can't be and see her next weekend when I am in that area.  She does better when you see her.

Anyway, here are a few TBT type pix that I needed to post today.  Because new babies in the house make one more than a little sentimental and just because I am the mom and I can!

Hey, do you know how hard it is to find pictures of me with the kids???  I was always running the camera......  sigh

With baby Mike

My three boysies

Oh boy- this was a while ago

Oh he was a pill

Ella crosses her legs at the ankle like this

Very young Jon

Little Greggy

Gotta figure out how to call Grandma!

Card for Grandma

Flowers from the kids

It is lovely and sunny and I want to get a bike ride in later.  I hope you all have a fantastic Mother's Day, whether you are a mother or not!  And it will be a joy!

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