Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Latest in Bee News

The bees were inspected again today.  We were looking at them to make sure they are thriving (yes they are) and to see if there are eggs and larvae and what progress are they making on pulling comb in the new frames and all that good stuff.  Didn't see either queen, but they are there somewhere.
Taking apart the top of the hive

Smoking the little guys to calm their worried souls

The first hive showed no progress at all in the top set of frames that we put on last week.  This is all good, as they are pretty robust and seemingly busy in there.

Beginning the inspection of the lower brood box

A few more burr combs

The bees beginning to pull comb in the last few frames

One of the frames- notice the open cells, where brood has hatched out

Another frame- capped cells, worker bees, lots going on

Carefully removing the burr combs
You really can tell when the bees are irritated!  We used plenty of smoke this time- no stinging to report- yet.
Beginning to pull comb in the new brood box of the second hive

Busy busy workers tending to the young, making some honey, storing some pollen
All was well there, we will have to make more syrup for them by Wednesday or Thursday.  It is interesting for sure!!

Bees are more complex than one would ever have imagined, and it certainly is a spot of joy in the yard and in my life.

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