Wednesday, July 23, 2014

And we Bayfielded again and AGAIN!

It IS official everyone.  Bayfield is now a verb.

One of the Apostle Island Cruise Double Decker boats

Bayfield is beautiful in calm or rough conditions

Bayfield: verb  Pronunciation- bay-fee-ill-d  To drive up to Bayfield, WI and hang out there.  All trips must include the Big Water Coffee Shop and standing at the end of the piers staring at the water or it isn't a true Bayfield.  Ferry rides to Madeline Island are not required but are highly encouraged for the full bayfielding experience.

Shy people who didn't know I was doing the selfie!
The Harbor from our favorite place on our favorite ferry

Lake litter!
So my compadres and I ( the Mad-English teacher, Adam and the Mad-Science teacher, Laurie) have Bayfielded a couple times now in the last few weeks.  A couple of weeks ago we went up there for strawberries- funny story:  The MA was shocked and slightly dismayed at the fact that we do NOT pick our own berries.  We have other things to do!  Silly boy, we don't have time to actually harvest the berries when there are beaches to be walked, coffee to be sampled, shops to be looked in and ferries to be ridden!
Coming in to the dock

The cars on the ferry- we got OUT of the car!!

Kayakers off the shore of Madeline Island
So we have now taken a vehicle across on the ferry now, and went over to the BEAUTIFUL town park on the Island.  WOW is that a nice place.  We had picked up a yummy lunch from the Fat Radish, and we got ourselves on the ferry.  It was pretty cool to be going there with a vehicle so we could see some more of Madeline Island. Adam and I did go over there on the Ice Road  (still gives me goosebumps thinking about driving on the ice there) but - you know, snow.
Part of our picnic from the "Fat Radish" deli and restaurant

On the beach at Madeline Island

The town park on Madeline Island

We ate a picnic lunch, went on about a 2 mile walk on the beach looking for agates, and just getting some movement in, and then we sat in the sun before we made our way back to the ferry.  We had driven over to the strawberry place to pick reserve our berries and we had to pick them up by 4.  I picked up some really good vinegary and spicy salsa at a cute little store in town, picked-up some preordered Sumatran coffee, had a little caffeinated refreshment, hung out on the dock, enjoyed the view and an adult beverage on the upper deck of the Bayfield Inn and then we decided to visit a waterfall on the way back! We stopped at the lovely Morgan Falls, which is by St. Peter's Dome- a land formation up near High Bridge.  It is not an easy place to find, but once you get there it is pretty neat!

Morgan Falls

Morgan Falls

The Falls through the trees
This past Saturday we drove up and went to the Arts Festival on the Lake Front.  Breakfast was at the Egg Toss, followed by wandering and people watching and walking and admiring the massive yacht that is moored at the docks and talking to the people we know there......  it was a hoot.  We got ice cream from the candy shoppe, and stopped in the evening at the Black Cat in Ashland for a late dinner. After discussing our trips last year, I decided I needed to outline what we did, as we were all mixed up over which trip we did what and was I there, because I missed a couple trips there and all that jazz.  So, this is my attempt to record the 2014 trips in a sort of concise manner.  We won't discuss the turtle.

The yacht that was docked and caused a bit of excitement.  It was moored there for 2 weeks

St. Vincent is the flag that is flying

One of the participants in the sailboat race that day

We stopped at Eckerts pottery shop, too, and I've begun plans to do a field trip for a raku experience for my art kids, and there could be some cross-curricular activities as well..... we shall see.  TOTALLY in the development stages.  THAT is a cool place!!

Cool things at Eckerts

Friendly greetings even in the canine world!

The weather this past weekend was a little wild and wavy.  It was beautiful in a different way!

At the docks

Coast Guard boat

The Statue of Liberty at the end of a private dock.  I love that the boats are Freedom and Justice

It again was the perfect way to get the most out of our summer.  We did not go over to the island on Saturday (soooo many tourists there on the weekends- YES I get the irony there)

Until next time be a joy giver and make sure you take time to soak up the summer!

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  1. Great entry! Thanks for taking me along - oh wait - you didn't! But I did enjoy the pics and story you shared about your day.
    'love & hugs from afar'