Monday, August 4, 2014

My Seester Rose and I

Canoer selfie!!

My seester Rose came up to see me a week or so ago. (It seems like such a long time ago now) We had such a great time together.  I was first planning to go to Minneapolis to see her right before my class, but I realized that she might like to be involved in the Bayfielding that happens up here, and then when I played the canoeing card, she was in!  YAY!!
The seagulls in the surf of The Big Lake

After an unexpected issue at home, she came in at night and that was a relief!  Whew. 
Ferry selfie!

Instead of doing a blow by blow of the trip, lets say we just look at the pretty pictures....

A favorite breakfast and lunch spot!


We of course (after having breakfast at Coco's) had to get ourselves over to Madeline Island and I got my brave on and we went to the Island on the ferry with my car!!  Having been to the Town Park over there, it seems a shame not to show off that beautiful beach.

The area that the town park is located has this unique sand bar that curves around, but there is a lagoon in between that sand bar and the rest of the island.  Looks like a perfect place to canoe and kayak!  

So much beauty to be found
So the back story on the above pic- Rose and I walked down this beach and we were finding pictures.  This particular stick was pretty cool and I of course ended up on the sand with the camera, attempting to not get a wave directly over my legs.  Nailed it!  Lol, but I may have gotten a little wet!  And sandy...

Of course we also went shopping in Bayfield, and had a little to eat and I had to drag her into the Big Water Coffee Shop and then we had to walk down to the end of the dock and stare at the water, because you know- Bayfielding.  But we also explored a really cool little area that led us down a trail, after seeing an old storage dungeon for apples,  and there was a path after you got off the trail, then you could jump around on rocks and puddle in the water and if you keep going you are rewarded with a waterfall!  That was a cool little path worth finding again.  It was a good good day!
The storage for apples that is not in use anymore

The next day, because it was PERFECT weather, we went canoeing.  We loaded up the MA's truck the night before (like right when we got home from Bayfield) and set off in the morning.  Rose hasn't canoed since we went to the Boundary waters.

Perfect day
We went on a couple hour paddle, down the flowage of the creek, and then down to the first bridge on the Flambeau River.  Fred wants Rose to know (because we canoed just a day later) that it was not her fault that the canoe had a mind of its own.  It is a canoe with a flatter bottom, no keel, and so it likes to float around sideways.  Of course he at first attempted to blame the other paddler in the boat- ahem- but it was decided it was the boats fault.  Now we know that and are adjusting the way we paddle a little.  Live and learn.

Heading down the Smith Creek Flowage

Lovely skies above this barn
The last day that we were together we actually drove over to Minocqua and went out for lunch and to the little farmers market and did some more shopping.  It was nice to have that time too.

It was such a wonderful way to spend a few days with little sister!!  And such a joy!

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