Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mid-autumn update

Don't you think that I would have written in this blog since the middle of September??  I tell ya, its been hopping in my life as of late.  And man, I'm tired.

Old Maple tree

The last several weeks have been a blur of stuff.

School:  I am not sure how or why, but I have been feeling like I've been doing so much prep work for my classes this year, have been staying late and arriving earlier than last year and STILL I feel like I have been falling a tiny bit more behind every day.  I have a stack of ungraded artwork sitting on my desk from 2 weeks ago!  EEEEK.  The middle of the quarter has come and gone and progress reports have been posted. NOW I have 35 or so PLPs to fill out (personal learning plans for the freshman and sophomores).  Wut??  Art is in one display case at least, and thanks to my awesome work-study girl some is in the elementary, too.  I went on a field trip, have another one with the advanced English students coming up, and have managed to flip a classroom and work cooperatively on a unit.  Oy.

Family:  I had company last weekend!  The mad sons and Sarahs and my grand kiddos were  up here for a visit. It was WONDERFUL.  The babies are getting so big!

Going for a walk!


Fitness: People, my gym closed.  :(  This has made for a sad SAD Debi.  I have a kettlebell ordered and I have been walking for MILES and I am hoping for the best as far as a facility being available again in the next year or so.  Maybe the school gym??  Idk.  Like I said hoping for the best.  But there is always body weight exercises and I will be getting out of town soon for shopping, so more weights may be in my future for home.  Oh life, you can be a meanie sometimes.

Friends:  I have awesome friends. There is always someone who will listen to me and like me in spite of my ranting and whining!  :)  You all rock!  I've had a person or two reemerge from the past and that has been delightful.  People sort of step in and out of your life, and it is interesting to see how things have changed when someone reconnects.  It makes me smile.

I am not sure why we didn't get little Greggy and  Ella together for a photo! 
Personally:  I've been working on some stuff, and I have found a lot of peace in my life.  Though I get cranky when I am tired and stressed out from allllll the school stuff and the emotional rollercoaster one goes through when one teaches children.... I still have found ways of coping with these things that encourage peace and acceptance and love.  I am happy knowing that what pleases me is good enough. That sounds sort of self centered and I am totally ok with that too!  It's been a wonderful journey that I have traveled the last 6 months.  Life is indeed as good as you perceive it!

Home- I have been doing some garden preservation things: read freezing food and stuff.  Also included is some fall planting, a little garden maintenance and soon I will have to pack up my beautiful deck full of plants and put them to bed.  It has been cold lately and it is almost time.  Of course with company comes cleaning and groceries and cooking....  sigh.  But we get done the things that are important and anything else is just fine.

Mr. Photo bomber

Greggy on the little bed that Grandpa made for the little ones

I'm sure that I am missing something, but I can't think what.  Maybe the occasional trips to Bayfield that are part of the fall must dos, or the renewal of my reading habit, or sometimes I have to zone out and watch the Big Bang Theory or Project Runway alllllll evening and go to bed with absolutely zero guilt and zero other things accomplished.

Anyway, that is a brief summary of life since school started- at least I seem to have kicked the Lymes to the curb!  There is that!  Friday tomorrow!!!  WOO HOO!  And that's all for now- this is Miss Inspiring Joy Seeker (this is apparently my positive energy name- lol) signing off!

Hope you find the joy you are seeking!

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