Thursday, January 8, 2015

And off into the New Year we go

I sit down on my couch to write a blog post and it is 4:29.  Yes, in the a.m.  Man, am I tired.  So WHY am I writing at 4:29  4:30 (cuppa coffee #2 happened)??  Well, sleep was not real good last night.  A certain person who shares the room with me MAY have been snoring........AND there was an extra blanket on the bed, which ended up causing all sorts of odd issues....... and my shoulders I realize are aching from my workout yesterday.  I should have moved to my alternative bed, but it was TOOO cold again last night AND I kept thinking that I would sleep well.  Not so much.

Jacpot enjoying his breakfast
So now that you know all sorts of unnecessary things about my sleep or lack thereof last night,  how has your new year been?  I had a glorious Christmas vaca.  Got a lot of snow shoeing in, which rocked!  Had Christmas with 2/3 of the kiddos and a belated Christmas will be coming hopefully VERY SOON.  Checked out a new gym, which no actual insult intended to the owners, I call it the ghetto gym.  It is actually a weight room at a local motel, and it has actually a lot of equipment there. It will do, let's put it that way.  My shoulders are pretty achy today, so I did well, and I have a feeling other parts will be aching later.

In case you didn't get the memo, we also have had 2 extra days off from school this week for some delightful cold Northern WI weather.  -30 - -40 degree windchills will do that to ya.  I have to smile (I've grown incredibly tolerant these days) at the people who in their infinite wisdom question the decisions of school districts around the state who cancelled classes..  Seriously??  I heard of one radio announcer who actually said if he had to come to work, why can't they just have school??  Well, how about that you aren't 5 and you don't have to ride a school bus for 45 minutes in the middle of no where??  I guess I am not so tolerant, lol.  These people would be the first to sue a school district if their little kid got frost bite standing at the bus stop waiting for a broken down school bus. Ah yes.

Anyway, that first day off was epic for me.  I had a list about a mile long to accomplish and I DID!  I was so pleased with myself!  :)  The second day, yesterday, I was more at a loss.  I knew that if I wanted to sit and read all day - I could, but I felt way more restless.  I ended up getting a few things accomplished, and I did sit and read for a while.  But not as much as I wanted to.  Oh well.  It was REALLY cold and windy yesterday. I think the high was -7.  About 7 last night I established myself in a nest of blanket and pretty much stayed there for the rest of the evening.  TODAY, I see on the news, we have a double blessing of a wind chill advisory (merely -20 windchills) AND a winter weather advisory (2-4 inches of snow with that wind).  Yay for us!!  I did manage yesterday, to step outside in the morning to get a couple really nice photos using the gorgeous morning sunlight.

Giant hand holding her share of snow
Meanwhile, I have no idea what day it is......  I intellectually know that it is Thursday, but my inner time keeper is feeling a bit lost.  But we will get through the day, I am again thrown into one of my busiest days of the week with 6 classes, pretty much back to back to the end of the day.  Fortunately, my elementary kiddos are all painting, which takes a lot of the prep stress off of me.

So I will head off into my day in a while here, armed with the knowledge that no matter how goofy the kids are from their extra day off and being cooped up in the house/school that this will be a 3 day week!  It is Friday already tomorrow.  Wow!  And the MA is starting into his January routine and comes home later and later- but still will take weekend afternoons off for a while yet.  Hopefully the temp recovers enough over the weekend for some serious snowshoeing to take place.  And he can go back and burn stuff and do other cabin things for a few more weekends.

So have a happy day, whatever day it is and be a joy giver in this New Year!  We all need a few more joygivers in life.


  1. Sounds like you had a productive day compared to me who sat and nursed frozen-wanted-to be-frozen pipes, pumps, etc. Really frustratating, but nothing burst, so that'ts my YAY!!!

    1. Oh SHOOT that is too bad! But I'm glad all was well. THAT is the unheralded bonus to having the house resided and reinsulated. We don't really think about the pipes anymore. The end (for now) of the super cold weather is now in sight, so hang in there!