Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Be a joy giver.  Find your joy.  Spread it around. Don't be a joy stealer.

All of those things.  

The truth in life is that sometimes Things. Just . Suck.

My instinct is to avoid, run, ignore, pretend.  

Sometimes, though, you have to feel all the feels.  Well, I felt them all last night.  And I have a feelings hangover this morning, thank you very much.  I do wish I would have had the tequila I thought about having.  I do have a lime in the frig after all.  

But that would not have erased the heaviness in my heart and the fact that I am going to have an extraordinary friend move on to a new place.

I am hoping that in some way I do NOT understand yet- good things will come from this.  I'm pretty sure it will, at least for someone.  But until then, I am not enjoying this at all.

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