Monday, May 4, 2015

Clinging to things with not much to cling to- the lake edition

So in a spin off of a recurring clinging to trees segment, I present you with the less obvious clinging of the height fearing art teacher in question.

This first chapter is when I BRAVELY volunteered to walk across the rocks to get to that concrete landing that you see behind me.  The first several rocks were not too much of a problem.  They were flat, they were not too far apart, but then from there things got a little more dicey.  Really it was not that dangerous or anything, but the heights and the gaps in the rock were more than I could stand.  I did not make it all the way across.  I was just shy of a panic attack when I turned around, thrust my phone into the hand of the Mad-English teacher and told him to take the picture.  He is a good guy. I look just a little uneasy, don't I??

The second segment involves sitting about 5 feet away from the edge of that rock, and that is about as close as I could manage.  Gives me shudders just thinking of it right now.  Like my sister said on Facebook, she knew that my fingers were digging into the rock on the left side over there.  She knows!!

Be brave and find your joy in unusual places!!

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