Saturday, May 16, 2015

Clinging to trees in unusual places: Spring edition

And in our newest edition of Clinging to Trees- may I present one stunning view from St. Peter's Dome!!  Beyond that rock you see behind me is apparently another landing, and reportedly there is an overhang, but you know I will never get close enough to see it!  And kids, let me tell you, that is not much of a tree to cling to.  I went out as far as that middle dip in the rock and that was it.  My toes were pressed down inside those hiking boots I think there are permanent indents in the insoles.

Of course the Mad-English teacher was all over the place- looking over the edge, walking on the paths to each side that I could not make myself go over to.....  he's a brave, brave guy.  Maybe next time I go I'll try those paths....  maybe.

Yeah, and it was amazing, because it was actually somewhat easier on me than last fall when I was up there.  So petrified or not, it was a great view and a great hike!  Photos to come!

A  pretty joyful way to spend a Saturday morning, let me tell you!

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