Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day weekend with COMPANY!!


Gramma's morning selfie with Ella

I was absolutely DELIGHTED to find out that the oldest Mad-son and his lovely Sarah and of course that bundle of energy and joy, miss Ella, were coming for Mother's Day this year.  Mother's Day tends to be sort of a sad day for me lately.  Not that I can't get the MA to take me to breakfast or anything, but first of all my mom- as I have discussed is slowly slipping away from us, and second, it is just nice to have all your kiddos around.  At least the elusive Mike is here every year!  :)

Mad-oldest son, Jon, and I
So having another Oswald kid around is pretty awesome, not to mention the other parts of his family, including Mr. Mannington the dog!  We had an enjoyable weekend, and were treated to nice sunny weather.  It wasn't super warm, but at least it was not cloudy.

MIke, Jon, Sarah Grace and Ella

Uncle Mike giving either Ella or his mom the side eye for continued goofiness.  Jon knows to never break his photo smile!

I had the best time with little miss.  She was a hoot and a delight and as her mom said, Gramma had a shadow this weekend.  I held her every chance I got, and we played and smooched and hugged and she made a game of taking my glasses off and on and then I tickled and kissed her belly.  sigh.  It was so much fun.

Oh my heart is stolen
That is one big ole pancake!

I informed everyone that really the only thing I wanted for Mother's Day is breakfast out.  I did NOT want to make pancakes!!  And so we went!

Ella and Papa- you've notice by now that the tongue is a thing right now....

Carrying sticks around the yard 

And finding more sticks.... and pinecones.  
Water and a little tv

There could have been a little silliness going on at times

Ella gives my giant hand a gimme 5!

Always so sad to say goodbye.  But we will see her soon!

We certainly wish Greg and Sarah Jane and little Greggy could have been here, but their turn is coming up here very soon!  

It was such a fast weekend, but it was one to hold in my heart and treasure.  So nice to spend time with Jon and Sarah- even if we FaceTime every week, it is still the best to be face to face.  And of course having a Mikey sighting is pretty spectacular as well.

It was such a joyful weekend! 

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