Monday, June 22, 2015

What a gorgeous Tuesday!

So I got finished with all of my galavanting around on Monday, and had contacted the Mad-English teacher about a possible kayak excursion for Tuesday.  It had, after all, been 2 weeks since I had last gone- GASP!!

I have secured a dandy roof rack and kayak holder of late, and I knew that I could transport 2 on this set up. And so I did!

We opted to head on over to Butternut Lake for a change of scenery (or Buttermilk Lake as some of my map functions call it- hehehe) and a different experience.  It was a just GORGEOUS day yesterday.  Perfect for kayaking.  The temp when we got to the Chippewa boat-landing was probably 60 or so, and it was clear and beautiful.

Kayaking a lake is a different experience from the river, where of course there are currents to work with.  The lake has weird things that go on- I have no idea how one can drift into the wind, sideways, at times, but whatever.   It was a lot of fun at any rate.

We were out on the lake for over 3 hours- and paddled 7.4 miles!  One would think that I would have slept well last night, but that is a story for another post I guess.  We were so SO hungry when we got finished- not only did we spend at least on hour more  out there than at least I imagined, it is also some work hoisting those kayaks on top of my car.  That first trip with the new set up was a little nerve-wracking, but we got it!  The MA had helped me in the morning (I am too damn short to get that thing up on my Acadia myself- boo) and then I ended up following him into town.  The boat did slip a little on the way into town, but we decided that it wasn't going anywhere, but did set it back into place and battened it down a little better.  When Adam and I dealt with it later, it all went super smoothly.  WHEW!  Since we plan to go longer distances later this summer, this was a great practice!

We cruised  almost the entirety of the lake, which obviously is over 3.5 miles long.  We saw the eagle and the corresponding eagles' nest, lots of ducks and loons, tadpoles, and a lot of nice docks and pontoon boats!  Such a lovely place.

Today is looking cloudy and gloomy, so I am glad that I got the kayak bug out of my system for a few days.  Looking like it is supposed to be sunny later in the week, so I am seeing a solo trip or two in my future as well.

I need to accomplish a few things at home today, as I have a new fun adventure coming up next week.  A real adventure!  And I will tell you about that soon.

Until that time, have yourself a joyful day!!

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