Sunday, July 19, 2015

No internet, kayaking and why I should be sleeping - but am not

It's 10:45 right meow. And I should be sleeping. I have to follow my school schedule tomorrow morning as I am picking up the mad-English teacher EARLY and we are headed north to take a paddle up on the big lake. We want to be there early so we won't have to abandon our plans because of wind and waves. Our mamas didn't raise no idiots!!

The kayaks are loaded on the car and we have our stuff packed. Just have to pick up my passenger in the am after a quick breakfast and coffee at home. Another adventure awaits! Yay!

Saturday (of course) I woke up and there was no internet here. I was without earlier in the week and it miraculously reappeared, but this time it did not. In fact the nice Centurylink lady on the phone said that my line had multiple problems. 

It doesn't seem logical to be happy at that stated news, but it was kind exciting. It meant that they knew something was wrong and how to fixit!!  With the number of mysterious outages I've had over the last few years, it was like a breath of fresh air. So hooray!! The technician is coming sometime after noon on Tuesday.  And I don't even have to change my pedi appt as she assured me he would be there a while. The gleeful clapping that I had the urge to perform seemed wrong (not to mention strange), so I held my excitement in.... About the fact that some work will be done and things will be fixed. I'm pretty happy to be getting a pedi too. I might spring for a mani if she has time after! :) 

Being without the internet sort of throws off my day. I can find everything I need using my phone but even though my phone is a nice big size, it's small!! Sheesh. I want my Mac back!! 

 I think I might possibly be getting sleepy enough to put the phone down and close my eyes. I just set a reminder to find my little camera, which it seems I'd  never forget that but obviously I did. Almost. Sort of. Duh!

So off to dreamland before I begin another day of summer adventure and joy 

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