Sunday, August 30, 2015

chit chatty randomness

I will not probably be posting photos in this post either, but you never know what lies I could be telling you right now.  HA!  I am too lazy to edit photos this evening, and if I am feeling energetic enough I will be kayaking again in the morning and might have more pix.  So I will see what happens in the morning.
Ok, so I lied, photo included

I may kayak Butternut Lake tomorrow morning, early.  Because I can and it is actually supposed to be sunny, unlike today where it stayed cloudy until literally 10 minutes after I got home.  Well shoot, I just checked and it might be cloudy in the am.  sigh.  Whatever.  I am going unless my arm hurts.

Next on the random list of stuff, is I am getting my piano tuned tomorrow for the first time in several years.  The piano hurts my brain and makes my eyeball roll into the back of my head it is so out of tune.  Oy. So YAY for that.

I found a bunch of drawings I did a long time ago behind said piano.....  and some of them are ones that would fit in with my previous blogpost.  So I may photograph and update.  Who knows!  :)

I am also going to try to find a new light fixture for the kitchen, as the one I have works randomly in spite of a new switch that was put in....  and with some humid weather coming it won't work.  It is an aged thing, and I need a consistent light source.  And speaking of the kitchen, I am more than a little irritated that the handle of my new refrigerator is still not tightened properly and that I had to order a new one.  I am usually pretty laid back about things like that, but this bugs me to no end.  Not positive that Sears will get any more of my business.

Today I kayaked on the river, as was hinted at before.  A fisherman, who later apologized, apparently didn't see me and took off like a rocket, which never happens on the river.  The boaters here are so considerate.  I was well behind him, fortunately. Anyway, when I paddled by him later, he offered apologies which I graciously accepted.  He said his son told him about me being there, and he was sort of mortified.  No danger and the waves weren't too bad.  So on this trip, I get down to DeMars Bridge and was really surprised to see a whole lot of floating beer cans in the water.  I managed to fish most of them out of the water and dragged them home with me.  SOMEONE was drinking under the bridge apparently.  Seriously people, throw your litter away!!!  It bugged me a lot, they could have at least just put their cans in the cardboard box they left under there.  sigh
This is a murky photo because I took it through the dry bag.  Two of the 7 or 8 beer cans I fished out of the river....  

So school is starting Tuesday and BLAM- the temperature is supposed to be in the mid to upper 80's all week.  Thank you so very much Mother Nature.  That is just awesome. At least Labor Day will give us 2 four day weeks to sort of ease back into the swing of it all.

I didn't realize that I was edgy about so many little things!  Lol.

Between cleaning out the refrigerator and clearing off the piano, I suddenly have a pile of things to do tomorrow!  But that is ok, I will kayak and enjoy myself first and then see how much I can get finished in the afternoon.  A little fun and then some clutter clearing!  I might have to make a quick trip to the local thrift shop....

Hope your Monday has a little bit of fun and then a mission accomplished. How could the day be more joyful than that?

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