Saturday, August 29, 2015

The best of the summer- kayaking on the Big Lake

I had some amazing days and nights this summer.  It is hard to choose what the most memorable, but we all know that the kayak was most likely involved.  I loved going on my spontaneous (and provoked- haha) 30 mile bike ride, and going on the bike trails.  Of COURSE I loved seeing my children and grandbabies, and MY FREAKING BIRTHDAY MONTH was so cool.  I covered all the people I got to see and hang out with.....  but "firsts" are always memorable.  And I had several firsts this summer, and certainly the thrill of kayaking on Lake Superior was right up at the top.

Naturally we chose to go up there on safe days- days when the wind was projected to be lighter, and we went in the mornings when the breezes are less likely to be a problem.  And of course sunny mornings are perfect- mostly- for photography.

Yes, putting my feet up on the kayak and paddling and snapping photos was a sick obsession.  Don't judge me!

I want to see this sign again soon, preferably in a car heading towards that round-about
Though the Mad-English teacher and I put on a lot of kayaking miles, we would not consider ourselves "experienced" when it comes to rough water.  In fact, one rough day on a smaller lake put us right in our place - we would have been terrified, but we were too busy paddling like Mad people...

So, like the incredibly smart people we are, we chose to tackle Gitcheegumee while she was calm and snoozing.  And she is just beautiful in repose.  

Paddling up the shoreline and visiting the caves and looking at all the rocks on the bottom made for perfect mornings.  There are little beaches all along the Chequamegon Bay, and we got out at a few of them and filled our pockets with little stones and covered our feet with the sand.

Yeah, I know, again with the feet...

Such a varied terrain along the shore

The marsh area across Hwy 2 from the lake in Ashland
There was a lot of weather that happened in a short time period on both days we went up there.  And lots of good photos to be captured.

LOVE the rocks and cliffs and trees and caves...

And as you can imagine there were moments to be shared with people who weren't even with us.  You know who you are!

When the days were done, we put on over 6 miles.... and replenished our bodies and souls with a trip to Coco's and then later to Bayfield.  Because..... well Coco's and Bayfield.
I will always think of these two trips with great fondness.  It was a time of awe-inspiring beauty and we felt like we were one of the cool kids with the kayaks on the car driving up north, parked in Washburn, and tooling around Bayfield.  Sigh.

I think the Mad-English teacher would agree that these trips, along with the whole Denver experience, are certainly the best times WE spent together this summer.  And since we did a lot of stuff to keep ourselves happy and active and occupied, that is saying something!  
I absolutely can not wait to see what life brings me next summer.  Some of it I have planned, some of it I am hoping for and some of it I can't begin to anticipate I am sure.  And certainly I will find a lot of joy in it.

To all of you who complimented me on my summer activities, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It gives me a smile and some part of the summer pops to mind every time.  Whether recorded by this blog, shared with special friends or just moments that occurred, I had a spectacular time. Not every minute was fun, much was uneventful and even sometimes sad and stressful- but those times make the good ones stand out.  And that is all part of a joyful life.

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