Monday, November 2, 2015

One of the best days of the year, for the most part

Yesterday, was one of my favorite days of the year. I probably have written this before, but I will say it again- the fall back day ending Daylight Savings Time is the best.  Right after my birthday, and Thanksgiving, and possibly Christmas and any day that I am riding on an airplane....  You get the idea- it is in the top 5 or so days.

I know that everyone whines about the time change in the spring, but there is something luxurious about having a day that carries on longer than you are used to, and that is in a good way. I am not referring to a day where you think it should be noon and for crying out loud it is only 8:35.  We've all had those days.  yikes.

I tend to fill that day with things that I like to do and for the most part, I did.  I did do a little cleaning, which is decidedly not my favorite thing, but it was fine.  I got in a walk.  I did a little photo editing, I did a little cooking because I wanted to.  I did a lot of texting friends!  I got to FaceTime with Ella and her parents.  And then I got a migraine aura.

THAT was a sucky way to end a good day.  I hate those things with such a passion, and I don't get them very often.  And I can count on one hand how many times I have gotten a headache after one, and last night was #3.  :(   Seriously annoying.  I ended up laying down on the couch and not getting up again until half time of the seriously sad Packer game (sigh) and going to bed- me. To bed.  At 9 pm.  wow.  I kept thinking that the Aleve would just kick in and I would be fine, but not last night.

Oh well, I feel pretty good this morning, other than being a little sleepy and my head feels tired.  Today starts a marathon session of getting my room tidied up for parent teacher conferences, and beginning new lessons in every freaking class I have this week, and all that kind of grand stuff.  So I suppose I should take advantage and get myself going here, but I do need one more cup of coffee to work on while I get ready.  I am glad that I will have a little more light in the morning, though, not going to lie.

Anyway, I hope that you all have a fabulous Monday and that you enjoyed the extra hour you got yesterday in some extra good way.  And somewhere along the way you found some joy! My best one was a hilarious IM exchange with the Mad- English teacher.  Makes me smile still this morning!  Have a super day and be a joy giver!!

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