Wednesday, January 13, 2016

5 am

5 am- Wake up

5:03- Make coffee - stand and stare at coffee maker in a stupor

5:05 pour coffee

5:06 drink first sip

5:07 finish first cup

Oh my I am tired this morning-

5:07:30 remember that I have new grand child- pictures to come

Relive some of the Breaking Bad binge that I had last night.  I am seriously hooked on this show.  So glad I don't have to wait for "next season".  Thank you Netflix.

5:15 Get another cup of coffee and remind self to use the biggest cup in the house tomorrow.

I am so so sleepy today.  There is really no GOOD reason why, I slept reasonably ok- but there is this getting back into the gym and spending time on the cardio machines, thanks to the cold weather.....  ugh.  I need to hire someone to either stand next to me and talk or hop on the next machine so the time goes faster.  Even the podcasts I listen to don't distract me from the fact that I want to leap out of my skin while doing that mindless stuff.  I would much rather be outside.  But winter....

6:00 decide I will leave my 3rd cup to later when I get to school, but the coffee maker is speaking to me- make it stop.

So yes, I have a new baby grandgirl.  I will write more about it later.  She is still so new!  Put plans are being made to go see this new little wonder!  She was named partially after ME!  :D  I can't tell you how touching that is.

I have been spacing out in front of the laptop and the TV and I realize that I need to still dry my hair and make my lunch, so

6:21 post blog and get dressed for work!

Make this a joyful day everyone!

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