Thursday, April 21, 2016

And on to a pretty good week!

When last we blogged, things were looking irritating at my house, but situations were resolved and it turned out to be a pretty good week!

My High School kids are usually very fun and quite cooperative.  They are a cool bunch and my mornings with them are generally quite good.  My elementary kids, for the most part, are the same, but I have a couple classes that are so SO big.  Like 30 kids in the classroom big.  And since it is a class and a half, they are very noisy as well.  And things aren't getting any quieter as the end of the year approaches.

So, a couple of my days during the week are ones I dread a bit, as an hour is a long time with all that constant correction and reminders to not shout at the kid they are sitting right beside....  it's exhausting.  Anyway, Tuesday, these children were actually pretty productive and fun- after I read them the riot act and possibly frightened them.  Ha, like I am so scary.  Anyway, that was a surprisingly good day, followed by days of little glimmers of good news.

It has been a week of eyebrows raised in little moments of surprise- cancelled meetings- and days of warmer and dryer than expected weather...  things like that.  Today we have an inservice all day and then its Friday and then it is a weekend that is going to include some kayaking!!  YES! With a friend I haven't seen in like FOREVER!!  Double YES!

I now have a several clumps of flowering little daffodils, and a few full sized blooms have occurred just yesterday!  Woo hoo!

And back, briefly, to Monday.  The MA had to help someone late in the afternoon deal with a tax situation, and then had some business things to attend to.....  which is no different than ever, but bad timing.  The NEXT day he got home at a reasonable time, raked the lawn for a while and then we did go for a little ride.  I don't think I stopped talking literally the entire time that we were in the truck.  Lol.  I know you all find that hard to believe, right?

It has been nice getting back to spring activities- the lawn is being dealt with, I have the grill out, starting to fetch the different pots of perennials from their winter beds and getting them woken up.  Making plans for kayaking and Bayfielding and all that good stuff!

Anyway, I hate it when my blog is hanging on a downer sort of note, so I decided to do a quick update.  It really is a good week.  I like this!  :)  My camera contains some really nice daffodil shots, but I didn't get around to editing last night- I had a fun twitter thing going on, and I can't be witty and creative all at the same time I guess?  That and I had done some fast down and dirty weight lifting the last few days and I was SO tired.

Well, though it doesn't feel like it, I have to go to work today.  Inservice days - where I have to sit all day- make me just a little nutty.

But I will find some joy - I am sure of it.

Rock on all you beautiful people!!!

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