Friday, May 20, 2016

28 days, 4 weeks and lots of excitement

4 weeks from today I will begin the trip of my life time (so far!!).  But before that happens, I have quite the schedule--

  • Today- (YEESSSS) is Friday- and Fridays at this time of the year are made of diamonds and gold.
  • A week from today is when Jon, Sarah, Ella and Ava make their first trip north since last Thanksgiving (DOUBLE YEEESS)  and Memorial Day (long weekend!) and graduation.
  • 2 weeks from today is the last day of school (I can't even) and I will be prepping for my end of the year, day after school is out, trip up to the Big Lake!  (angels singing the Hallelujah chorus)
  • 3 weeks from today I plan to have all my orders finished for next school year- I MUST BE DONE.
  • 4 weeks from today- My amazing brother in law will be toting Rose and I to the Minneapolis airport to join the rest of the people we are going on this tour with and begin our adventure.
My mind is being stressed out to the max right now- first from the building excitement and second from the end of school.  The end of school is SO intense.  I tried to describe it to someone the other day, and you just can't imagine unless you are a teacher.  There is stuff to do this last 3 or 4 weeks - you can't blow it off.  The students are getting restless and the seniors are just trying to hold it together.  They all are excited but most are afraid beyond belief.  As much as the profess to "hate it here" and "this is the worst school ever", they are safe and cared for in high school and they are scared to death at leaving this situation.  The elementary students- well they are sort of like monkeys in a cage.  LOL.  I do love those little dudes, but wow are they noisy right now.  Anyway, it is a constant battle to keep them on task, to get them to clean up (insert silent screams here), to help the floundering students get themselves to a point of passing classes and they are so needy in so many ways.... They need so much care while driving the teacher to the breaking point.  I am actually not being over dramatic at all.  We, as a group of professionals, are needing some time off, you can't imagine how intense it is to monitor the interactions of all those children, listen for tension bubbling under the surface, watch their art works for signs of trouble (in my case) and trying to not be short and angry with the people around you.  And then we have to keep up with lesson plans and grading and thinking about next year..... We are holding our own at this point.

EXCITEMENT though is under it all for me.  I react to things in weird ways, and I sort of had a mini implosion this week when my unrealistic expectations got the best of me.  Fortunately I have the resilience to recognize it and deal with it.  Not to mention some of the best friends ever.  I have been getting some things done that needed some lead time- like arranging for the way I am going to handle my money for the trip.  I located my birth certificate- again- which I apparently need.... I ordered an adaptor for charging.... I may have texted someone at 10:30 last night to say I will miss my electric toothbrush when I am gone....  Lol- total random neuron firings are happening to this girl.

I began this week with an Italy meeting- and we discussed a lot of important things- which really started to hammer home the fact that it is coming soon..... and my count down monitor is down into the 20's- I started at 140 days or something like that!  I only have to flip one screen on the calendar of my phone to observe when this all happens.  I am beginning lists.....  I think my sleep is being affected by this all too.  But I can sleep in July.

Anyway, 4 weeks from today we should be loading up the car on our way to the Minneapolis airport (I love being in the city- so that in itself will be a fun little drive) so we can fly to JFK in New York.  We "get to" hang out in New York for a while, as we have a bit of a lay over before hopping on the plane to Milan....  I can barely imagine it, yet I think about it all the time.  

I am trying so hard not to wish my life away...  I remember what a fantastic summer I had last year.  The thing I did was really enjoy every day- I did so many little cool things and SAVORED every day. That is my goal for this summer as well. SAVOR the moments and the days and not just look forward to the next event.  Though that anticipation indeed is part of the joy of the events that will be happening.  

Have a wonderful Friday everyone.  Be a joy giver- some one probably needs some. MWAH

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