Thursday, July 14, 2016

Capri- and things that life throws you...

The island of Capri- wow, what a view!!  It was such a beautiful place and I got to go on three boat-rides.......

 and CUT!

Looking up

Life likes to veer off in annoying and unexpected ways and that certainly happened.  Nothing earth shaking for anyone except for me-  

I had phone issues, which is to say it fell in water, and if you can't figure out how that happened, then you can just message me or ask someone how that might have happened....  doesn't matter anyway.  I haven't written an Italy blog post for a couple days because I have several pictures on my phone that I want to use (notice- happily- that I use the word HAVE - present tense, not past!)   Anyway, this all happened on the day that there was a horrendous storm up in northern Wisconsin, farther north than I am.  And basically there isn't, right at this moment, a path to Bayfield that takes less than 4 hours.  I am thinking that should be remedied quickly, but you know what I mean.  Since the Mad-English Teacher and Mad-Science teacher and I were planning a trip up there next Monday, well..... that was just sad and depressing.  And it seems there are no open roads....  But like I said, that could be remedied quickly.

Oh yeah, so the phone, I have a new one and impressively, in just barely over 24 hours, I have a different phone and I have it set up and for the most part back to normal.  Sort of normal. There are some weird things, but that is fine I guess.  Sort of.  I've been told not to whine about the glitches.... haha, especially when I live  up here in the Tundra and I have a replacement phone without driving anywhere.... perspective.

Looking back towards Sorrento

ANYWAY- Capri!!


I have to say that Capri (pronounced CAP ree by the locals), also known as the Mama Mia Island, was just gorgeous.  I also have to say, this was a little out of my comfort zone because of the heights involved.  From the lovely balcony in Sorrento to the high over look before we got to Sorrento to the SUPER high lookout at the top of Capri- well it made me a little squeamish.  I LOVED the boat rides involved though!!  My sister, who has no height issues, LOVED the views.  Lol- she's adorable.

Legend has it if you kiss your true love when you go under it - Idk, you will live forever or something.  haha- I couldn't quickly find the legend, so you can probably get the gist of this.  

I don't know if I mentioned the hotel in Sorrento at all, but we were up on the 6th floor and we had a fantastic view of the Mediterranean.  The reception area for the hotel was on the 5th floor- weirdly.  And the elevator was big enough for 2 people with a small bag- claustrophobia, much?  Actually we dragged our bags upstairs when we got there, so we did get our cardio in.

One of the caves

After piling into the bus in the morning, we headed over to the docks where we got on a BIG ferry (except no cars on that boat) and headed on over to the Island. Breathtaking views!  And we were a little squished- everything on Capri is squished and crowded.

A Roman "doorway" 

The Faraglioni

We got off that boat, met our really great local guide and headed over to a different dock to get on a tour boat for a fun little float around part of the Island. That was my favorite part- you know what they say about the blue waters of the Mediterranean?  Being so incredibly blue?? Its true. Apparently it has something to do with the limestone of the cliffs there- it was spectacular. We saw several caves, some tunnels carved into the cliffs from Roman times, and these massive stones that emerge from the sea on the south east side of the Island.  There was all sorts of cool things, but this is one of those times I was enjoying the view more than taking pictures.  And it was pretty humid, and therefore, hazy.

I took no photos of the hour we stood in line (read- massive crowd of people) to get on the cable car to the top the island.  That was sort of a miserable adventure.  Mostly it was hot- and a little smelly- but the crowds did not bother me that much.  It was nice to get to the top and see the beauty from above. There is lots of expensive stuff up at the top of that place!  But it was worth the trek up and down the hill to see the views.  Down at the bottom, we treated ourselves to some cute little bells  jewelry that are a symbol of the island, plus we found a nice place to people watch while eating their spectacular lemon granitas!!  We were happy to sit down by that point, as it was hot.   Note- it is REALLY hot from here on out on this trip. Second note- I want another lemon granita.

THIS was so beautiful- 

We had a nice little time on the island, but as I felt everywhere, it was not long enough.  We met up with Daniela and headed to a BIGGER ferry then and met up with our bus over in Naples.  Once we hit Naples, there is a change in the way that Italy looks.  Much more graffiti, more litter.... etc.  It was not bad, but definitely different.

Our boat trip from the Island to Naples was almost an hour long- we all almost fell asleep.....  ok, most people did fall asleep, and I in my usual way, did NOT- it was close though.  It was a very soothing ride, the ferry was so big that it was rhythmic and relaxing.

Naples and Mount Vesuvius!  Not as pretty.  lol  Vesuvius- EVERY one of our guides in that area said- Mt. Vesuvius is going to erupt again.  VERY SOON!! Not today or this week, but soon.  That made me smile.
We departed Naples to head for Rome- the outskirts of Rome, that is.  We stayed in this next hotel for 3 nights, which was nice to have a little continuity, but since the hotel was in Palestrina, a good 45 min drive, and that is in good traffic, once we left we did not get back there again until after supper.  We had supper there that night and had a little time to ourselves, that could have involved wine!   A lot of it too. Haha.

Anyway, Daniele knew what sort of day we were going to have the following day, so we got to be in bed early. Which never happened, but we at least had some down time. A long day in Rome is coming and we needed the rest.

The houses are sort of stacks one on top of the other

Lovely sunset as seen from the Hotel La Meridienne!  

And then over an hour to the hotel and some supper and rest...  And now hang on- we are headed to Roma and traffic and crowds and bustle and a totally different and seriously cool experience.  I did like Rome.  A lot.

But that is for the next couple posts.... and that will be a joy.

ETA!  There IS a detour around the massive HWY 13 washout now and Bayfield is more easily in our grips.  :)  YAY

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