Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Losing track of time

Indeed I have lost track of how much time has passed since my last post.  I actually have probably 2 more Italy posts in me, but I will get back to that in the next few days.

Missouri Botanical Gardens- Chihuli installation

I have been losing track of time a lot lately.  I am in my late summer transition.  I find myself resenting leaving my house, trying to make space for school stuff in my head, beginning to think again like a teacher.  I get distracted by my garden, my pictures, my thoughts.....  I want to talk to people about anything but work and yet find myself thinking about it all the time.  The kids are telling me how much they miss my art room and I went there today to start to unpack boxes of supplies.  I am unwillingly shifting, slowly,  but it is happening.

Miss Ava Kay

Jon and Ella

After July happened, I went on a little road trip again.  I began my journey visiting the Mad-oldest son and Sarah Grace and the girls in Janesville, and no one was sad that they had literally left my house the day before I arrived.  :)  They came to Park Falls for my birthday weekend, which was fabulous, and then I headed there and had a layover until I traveled to visit my sweet friend from Missouri.

Rotary Gardens in Janesville.

Do you see me?

I didn't get a lot of pix of the two of us in Missouri, we were too busy doing things, I guess.  And a lot of things we did!  I won't go through the entire trip, but we covered a lot of ground and did some super things.

Pickle Springs in Missouri
The Depot in Bonne Terre

Chihuli gate at the Botanical Gardens

One of the covered bridges in Missouri.  We got there when it was really too dark for good photos, but it was fun to see. 

I am all about getting into art museums whenever possible so the St. Louis Art museum was a must.  It is a super museum, so going just doesn't get old.  We also got to the botanical gardens, the zoo, went for a good long bike ride on the Katy trail, hiked Pickle Springs and ate Italian food and Sushi in St. Louis.....  not all on the same day, mind you!


At the St. Louis Zoo

Botanical Gardens

We ate dessert for supper, stayed up late and got up early.  When you only see your bestie once a year, you just can't waste your time sleeping.

A mini waterfall! 

On the pontoon on Lake Mendota

Another little layover in Janesville was in order after I left Missouri- 11 hours is a long way, and really, who wouldn't stop and see those two cute girlies, and of course their parents.

Ava doesn't appreciate the boat ride yet

Pickle Springs

Botanical Gardens

 It really was a nice way to finish up the summer....  The trip was a perfect length and I saw some pretty amazing people.  :D

The capital and the university from Lake Mendota
 And I already have tentative plans for another adventure next summer, because I was sad it was all over....  so I contacted my partner in all things adventure and we have begun to concoct our next big thing....  It involves airplanes, mountains, waterfalls and perhaps an ocean!  YAY!  Stay tuned.

Sunset skiing in Madison


So I will proceed with the next 10 day or so and try so hard not to whine.  I will allow my mind to change to what it does 9 months of the year, but you know I will be dreaming of what that other 3 months will hold.  And no one is saying other adventures won't happen in the meantime!  

Beauty over Butternut Lake
The weather has broken, the humidity and heat is mostly gone.  The summer days are getting shorter and thankfully the sunsets are quite beautiful!  The year moves on and a hoodie is added to my evening walks around the yard.  Time moves along whether we want it to or not.

And I will be finding my joy even if I am dragging my feet and wanting to stay in the amazing season that is summer.



  1. I love your pics and how you testify to the glories of your adventures. Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Aw thanks so much Cher! Can't wait to see you during the coming school year. xo