Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mother Nature, I'd like to have a word with you...

I am not the Mad Art Teacher today, or gardener or anything else- I'm just MAD.

What can you say about a day like this?  It is not like this is a big surprise- we know that winter in Wisconsin goes on for EVER, and does not like to relinquish its strangle-hold on us easily.  We frequently have big snow storms at the end of March, but come on!!  After all the work that went into this play (and all the little bumps we've had along the way THIS year), you'd think we could get in that last practice.  Certainly the stage-crew, lighting and sound effects people needed this practice!  Ach. I guess you should never taunt Mother Nature.  Yes, I taunted.

And this is what I got-

Oh Lola, you should not be subjected to another day like this!  I think winter has gone on long enough.

Lola is cold

Now before you feel sorry for poor Jacpot here, I want you to know he stands NEXT to his barn in the snow.  He can go in at any time he chooses!  He is not frozen, he is not upset- well, he was upset that I took an extra hour before I went out to feed him.  Looks like he had a tough night!  Lol, he was running around when he saw me.  He got an extra flake of hay for his troubles.

Really bad hair day

I think it is time to put the bitterness behind and start to enjoy the snow day!  Cookies?  Hmm, Tanya (The Sunday Baker) posted a great recipe just the other day.  Soup?  I have those pink lentils that I had been searching for, time to give those a soup pot to live in. PLANTS???  I have a "chicken gizzard" plant that needs cuttings made and transplanted.  That sounds like fun!  Wow, maybe the Mad Gardener is around!  Obviously the Mad Photographer is always here, and the Baker may be making an appearance.....

What am I still doing on the computer??  It is time to make the best of it!

So, until next time... be a joy giver!  Enjoy your inner snow day!  :)


  1. I can't stop laughing at jacpot's hair! He has the funniest look on his face (get that camera out of here lady!).

    I'm sorry you got crappy weather for your show. I was glad for the snowday, but come on and stop already snow!!

    Thanks for the link-hope you like the cookies!

  2. I love the progression from, "just MAD", to optimistic and joyful about happy tasks that are ahead! It is so you... :) Have fun. I can almost smell the cookies. The photos are great!

  3. @ Tanya, do you think that imbedding that link in your "Sunday Baker" name is enough? I could add it separately at the bottom.... let me know

    And that horse! Seriously, just go in the barn, boy. He stands out there all day!

  4. Poor cold wet Lola. Bet she is waiting for the soft warm breezes of Spring. We used to have a Cocker/Lab mix who slept on top of his dog house in the most miserable weather. Pulled the burlap flap on the door and the straw out of his house. Go figure. lol Love your blog, friend.

  5. This is my first visit to your blogspot, and I think I'm now a full-time fan!
    I made a terrific split-pea soup today in honor of the snow-day - used turkey bacon [because Nik doesn't eat pork] and it turned out great!
    Sorry about the lost rehearsal, but I'm sure they'll make it turn out wonderfully, as always.
    Tim has really been enjoying his involvement in the play. Thanks, Deb...