Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday photos

I see pictures everywhere!  So, I take lots and lots of them and since photography is part of the first line of my blog title, I am going to attempt a weekly photo post.  It seems like the thing to do!  And someone mentioned they were looking forward to seeing local photos, so I like to try and help if possible!  :)

Sunset over a hill

Color altered old truck at sunset- I love this antique look.

Another old truck
Smith creek- north side of Hwy. E

Abstract shadows

Fallen snag

Little houses all in a row

Super moon

Poor Lola
New snow fall

Sinner by dawn's early light

I hope these photos help you find some joy in your day!


  1. I am so NOT a geek. I just tonight figured out how to see your posts! I always only saw your first post! There is so much to comment on! The scenery painting is fabulous! You are truly a reincarnate of Michelangelo! I hope they were well photographed before being painted over. They are magnificent. Your photography is also so well done. You sure have the eye. “Abstract Shadows” Fallen Snag” and of course “Sinner by dawn's early light” are all wonderful. Do you own that old truck? It sure has character and would be fun to restore (if not to far gone). I liked seeing the pictures of the kids and you. Everyone seemed so… well… into the spirit of the moment. Thank you for taking the time to write this blog. Now that I have figured out how to click on the “Newer Post” button! Very well done in all fronts: the photographs, the teaching, the painting and the sculpting.

  2. Oh, I laughed at your comment! Nothing like an old fashioned aha moment to make you happy! I have stuff like that happen on the computer all the time. Lol.
    Thank you for your glowing praise. That is so sweet. I don't know about Michelangelo, though. :)
    Nope, the couple of old trucks are along my walking routes. I spot them all over the place up here. I think the one by sunset is a functioning truck, the other one is definitely NOT.
    Thanks again!

  3. Debi, Nice captures! The truck with the antique editing is my favorite. The moon was so amazing! I enjoyed photographing it also.

  4. Wow, gorgeous. You have a real eye for beauty and tranquility. I absolutely love the first picture of the antique truck :)

  5. My favorite of these pics is Silver Moon. Appears to be a sneak peak at paradise, like an opening into the heavens. Is it like the bright light people have reported seeing before returning from a near death experience? You capture my imagination, Friend. Thank you.