Saturday, March 26, 2011

Opening Night! and beyond...

After all the "drama" of the past few weeks, I am certain everyone is on the edge of the their seats waiting to hear how it all went!  Did the eggs hatch properly, how did those fish hats look, did the Mad Stage Director make it through the night without snapping on a noisy actor???  Well, all went so well, it was somewhat astonishing.  I think there was a minor glitch or two and, as always, I was fighting with the wing curtains. The wings get caught on big items during scene changes and move, and if they travel too far then the audience can see back stage, and no one wants THAT to happen.  It ruins the magic!!  And we backstage are all about the magic.  Kind of like Disney on a smaller stage.

So, I have here a few backstage photos- nothing too dramatic.  Mostly I want you to see the eggs, in all their ugly glory.  I, alas, do not have any photos of the fish hats, guess I have to take the camera with me tonight.
wiggly eggs

Here is the hatching sequence of the ducklings- so cute!

Olivia, stage crew hero

One of my stage crew slid out onto the stage to  move an egg shell so the back curtain could close completely.  She was sort of stuck out there for 10 minutes or so.  We slid her out of there at an opportune moment!  Back stage is much more action packed than one would think!  :)

 Different scenes from the play- you can see Mr. Donner playing during the performance.

Waiting for their curtain call!

I will update the blog with a few more pictures from tonight.
Until then, we will all try to be joy givers from the stage!  

More from HONK! the musical

Small children in the fish hats!
Beginning the makeup application job!  
Behind the scenes with Oscar and Olivia- stage hands

My big, bad stage crew!!  <3 Love!!!
The seniors with Mr. Donner
The Oswald girls rock!


  1. These are so fun to look at because I don't get to see the play. Looks great!

  2. These behind the scenes glimpses are fun! Thanks for sharing.
    Glad to see you're blogging. Looking forward to viewing your photos of our area :)

  3. The play was wonderful! Great job on the set, it was really nice.