Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday photos- 4/3/2011

I decided to post some past and present photos tonight.  I just can't face only snow pictures!!!  It would drive me crazy, and that wouldn't take too long!  :)

Here are a few photos that I took this week, to begin.  It was so nice and the ground is starting to reveal itself.  Then I got up this morning- as I previously discussed, enough said about that!

Unexpected visitors


Geometric vs organic
Brussel sprouts of summer past

Early spring sky

Yesterday I cropped and posted a bunch of flower pictures to for the flower macro-closeup contest that is being featured.  That was quite refreshing to deal with all of that color!
Rock Garden size peony
Swallowtail butterfly on Dianthus
Geranium Midnight Reiter
Eryngium Blue Sapphire
Hemerocallis unknown cultivar
Butterfly on Liatris

I also searched out some artsy shots that I have taken.  Those are the ones that really trip my trigger!  :)
End of the season v.1
Big old mushroom
Pop Art

Character tree

End of season v.2


Light and shadow

Summer riches


  1. Andy Warhol of northern Wisconsin!

  2. I love your photography! Awesome Deb!!