Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day Sunday Photos (Funny, it doesn't feel like May)

Alright kids, this Mad Art Teacher is getting cranky about this weather.  For heavens sakes, should we really be getting snow flurries in May??  Really???  I have another track meet to work at tomorrow and I am bringing my long underwear and wool socks.  Sigh.

I did a lot of outside stuff this week, and weekend, in spite of the uncooperative weather.  It MUST be getting warmer, soon, it just must.  After all, it is May, time for the sun to be making the ground toasty, even if it makes the mosquito population flourish.

Well, I am probably preaching to the choir here, who wants cold weather??  Any hands up?  I didn't think so....

So, here are a few photos that I took this week, including some from just this morning.
More tree planting this weekend!

Tufts of green grass in the swamp

Hen and chicks in the rock garden

Lola at sunset
This is the closest I have to blooms!

Beautiful array of greens
Golden sunset

Sempervivum cultivar

swamp still life

Here are a few more abstract photographs.  I love finding abstract beauty in nature- Some of these seem like paintings-to-be.

Milk weed pod

Pussy willow brush

Bark, wood, ground

Frozen puddle
Sempervivum in a decaying stump- rock garden

I managed to find a little color, in spite of the gloom, wind and rain/snow!  Yay!  A big thank you to my friend Tanya for a shout out on her blog- she is a wonderful writer, please check her posts out!  Sunday Baker blog.
So until next time, keep the faith! Spring is on its way- And be a joy giver!


  1. I like the colors of the pussy willow brush!

  2. Thanks for the shout out!! I love love love the pussy willow branch photo. You captured the colors and light so well!