Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday night Photos- Mother's Day Edition Updated

I have found, boys and girls, that photos load slowly on Sunday night.  Apparently bloggers all over America must take the last few minutes of their Sunday nights and upload their armload of photos- all at the same time!  I am going to post a few photos tonight, but will definitely add to them tomorrow, along with a separate Mother's Day post.  When the photos load faster..... and bloggers all over America are tired from Monday.

Beautiful, gorgeous Friday evening!

Hey, this tipped over bucket means I need more water!  Are you listening to me??

Reflections of the Chippewa

Stockfarm Bridge, Ashland county

Chippewa River
In hot pursuit

Moss and water

Wild flowers

Abstract reflections
Blood roots

Winter Greenhouse gardens

Marsh marigolds- not blooming yet

Until next time, find joy where you are!

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