Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday Photos- late again!

I am losing my rhythm here!  I forgot to post my Sunday photos again!

What actually happened, is, I am discovering a slightly different way to take photos- well, mostly edit them I guess, but at any rate, I have been goofing around with my camera.  And consequently, I did a lot with not much to show for it.  But I am thrilled to say I love the results so far, and will keep you up to date.  Most of these pix are from the "usual" way!  

It was a gorgeous week for pictures! Rain, shine or whatever....

Lemon lilies

hosta flower bud

Favorite tree- misty day

Flowing fern foliage

Amazing clouds

Ooooo, strawberries!  

Flambeau River, Hines Park

Pink iris

Random round bales
 These last 3 are taken in the new format- you can't see the difference, probably, but wow it was fantastic working with these images.  I'm hooked.
Summer stone house


Summer sunset

Until next time, be a joy giver!!


  1. I'm not sure, but it seems there is a bit more of an "art print" look to them. Is it a higher dpi?

  2. great Shots Debi. Wow, I had no idea. Those are very, very nice.

  3. @ Rachelle- Ha! I'm doing manual settings again for the first time since the 80's! Lol. I THOUGHT I was working with RAW format, but I heard this morning that I have much to learn..... oh well, I love to figure things out.

    @my Chitownguy buddy:
    You have no idea how much that means to me coming from you. TY

  4. Wow, a hosta flower never looked cooler. I just love that tree!

  5. These absolutely beautiful, Debi. That old house - what was it like inside" You can almost hear ghostly children playing around it. Thank you for sharing.
    Why is only one of your fingernails polished? Very cute!
    Do you know where Lake Flambeau got its name? Is an interesting story.

  6. Thanks, Tanya!
    @Bob, thank you.
    Um the fingernail is an oddity of mine. I have only one that I really like, it is a nice oval pretty one, the rest are from my dad- round. Pretty one is from mom. So, during the summer when my nails actually grow out, I paint the one I like! ARen't you glad you asked??

  7. Great shots! I particularly like the one you called Missing. And I like your favorite tree - didn't I see that on an earlier posting when it was still winter-bare?