Tuesday, July 5, 2011

At loose ends and losin'it

Wow, it is July already and I don't feel like I have accomplished much.  Could be for reasons like this:

I have sort of been goofing off, because I can.  But my list of things that I want to accomplish this summer doesn't have many things crossed off of it.  I need to get going!

The other thing I have to get going on is the last pound I want to lose in order to hit my first goal of 30 pounds.  One lousy pound!  So, I am going to get going on that, too.  In spite of fairly healthy holiday foods, I now have 1.5 pounds to lose. Annoying as all get out!  This is officially on the way out, I have pledged to get rid of it this week!

I will do this in two ways, first I have to throw out the left over pasta salad and freeze those last few brats until Flambeaurama or some other time.  Next I will undereat my calories for the next few days.  I detest being hungry, but I won't die from it!  Next I am ramping up the exercise:  I have already increased the length and intensity of my morning walk and now I am in the process of doing a major project!  But that will be the topic of the next blog post!  I think I am having a two-fer today!!

It is good to have a plan and goals, even during birthday month!

Until next time, be a  joy giver!


  1. Excellent!!! Drink Lots of water and that last pound will vanish!!!

  2. Love it, Debi! You will get rid of that 1.5 soon. You are a determined woman and your roar can be heard all the way here in Cali. And I will be but one of your many friends to jump up 'n down for joy when it happens.