Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 7, 8 and 9 of birthday month..... the saga continues!

I'm sorry if this birthday month stuff is bumming you out or anything!  It is a rocking good time, let me tell you!

Let me say that Day 7 was the best of the best so far this month.  It was AWESOME, as I reached my first weight loss goal of 32 pounds on that  day.  Quite unexpectedly, but it was welcome.  I have some wonderful, wonderful friends on the Loseit site, we had quite the celebration!
The next great thing was the shopping trip I went on and was pleasantly surprised to find that I am down not 2, but 3 clothing sizes in some things!!  I have not worn a size 12, ever, I think.

I have been working at this first goal since December.  I had the Loseit app for my iPhone for over a year.  It works great and all, but I discovered I needed a little more and knew that this app had launched a website.  So I went there, visited, joined and that made all the difference in the world.  The support you get from your friends is phenomenal.  Now on to the next goal!

Day 7 was awesome!!

Day 8 was terrific, too, but differently.
My nice thing for myself was visiting some friends and working on my metal hand sculpture.  I have been feeling slightly friend deprived (in my Wisconsin-life) and I needed to touch base with people.  Went to visit my dear friend Luann and then hung out with another dear friend Cat.  So wonderful to reconnect.  In between was a lovely lunch with the Mad- Accountant.... way better than cooking!
Speaking of reconnecting, my lovely pal Annette and I are making bad girl plans!!  hehehe, I'll get back to you on this one!

Day 9 involved photos again!!  w00t!!  I am having a good time with them, and I had help making the decision on which photo processing program to buy.  Whew, it was an agonizing decision, but I'm going to buy and install it - maybe tomorrow!!  Yay.  Now I just have to decide on which HRM I am going to get and it will be all good.
I got a lot of gardening done today and made some wonderful, fresh meals.

Ordinarily during this time of the year I would be making cold salads for lunches and suppers- involving things like pasta, potatoes and mayo- but since I know that there are better choices to be made, I have changed my menu.

Today, I bought some more fresh fruit and made up a lovely mixed fruit bowl.  It was so pretty I decided to photograph it!  I also delved into the garden and found enough goodies out there to make an awesome salad for supper.  Paired with some grilled portobellos and a spicy black bean burger for me and a regular burger for the Mad Accountant, and you  have a great healthy supper.  All I added to the salad that wasn't from the garden were the cherry tomatoes.  Still waiting for those to arrive!

This is sooo good- melon, strawberries, grapes, sweet cherries, nectarines and a little fresh grown spearmint.

Found in the garden: oak leaf lettuce, pea pods, mini Chiogga beets, kale, dill, basil and I added some cherry tomatoes later.  I used balsamic vinegar as a dressing.

And then we went and had ice cream at the Ice Cream place in Butternut!  Lol!  And I have some room to spare yet.

Until next time,  find your joy in every day things!  And don't forget to count your blessings.

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  1. Nice description of your ongoing birthday month celebration, Debi. And what a great meal. (The MA wouldn't go for a spicy black bean burger? He doesn't know what he's missing.) Thanks for sharing!