Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shut the front door!...... look at these!

 Here are a few photos from this morning.  I was pretty pleased with them, I have more that I am saving for the Sunday photo post.  The last 2 are daisy pix I was playing with, I have a bunch of those coming as well-- get it? A bunch of daisys?  Flowers?  Anyone?

Never mind! :)
Beautiful peach and blue sunrise

Favorite tree- early morning

A bit of the dramatic this morning
Beautiful in it's simplicity
I love the B&W!

Until next time, seek out that joy!


  1. Awesome, Debi! Did you notice the face in the clouds (above the barn) in the first picture? Or is it just that I haven't had my first cup of coffee yet?!

  2. Thanks you two! Fine Barbara, now youmade me see the face and I can never unsee it! :)

  3. ROFL! I see the face too! creepy!

    Great shots Deb!