Friday, July 8, 2011

Quick sculpture update, and a morning bit of awesome

So I have the hand set up for some in place work.  Doesn't it look cool!  And I have worked out some attachment issues.  Woo hoo.  Will continue this later, as I have errands to do now!!  Stay tuned.

And look at the gorgeous start to my day!  Joy!

What a sunrise!  


  1. That hand is going to be incredible!

    (Wow, are you an early riser!)

  2. Oh, it's coming along! I don't know... your son might have a clever idea with the finger/water fountain thought. Tee hee! That's something both my daughter and son would have come up with, too. (My daughter has more of a pottie mouth than my son. I'm blaming it on the mostly-male professions she's been in. First a firefighter for the US Forest Service & now a law enforcement officer with the USFS. Where she got her genes I have no idea!)

    And a beautiful sunrise picture to walk to this morning!

  3. The hand is sure coming along! Nice. I loved the sunrise - so serene.

  4. Fantastic! The hand and the sunrise picture!

  5. I love how the hand is coming along! I'd love to have something like that to use as a bench/chair. I can imagine sitting right down on the hand. LOL