Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 6 of birthday month! A fabulous gift.

Day 6 of birthday month turned out to be an ordinary, but wonderful day!  I went for a great 4 mile walk this morning, got the rest of my long garden edged, and then went out to lunch with the Mad Accountant!  We ate at "The Pal Cafe" in Park Falls, which I highly recommend!!  I had an awesome Triple B burger (Boca-type burger) and a half order of their wonderful homemade tortilla chips.  Goodness those are good.  

After that nice little interlude, I stopped by the library and I was treated to some good karma and great timing, in that I was able to sit on the steps of the building and chat with my dear friend, Cat, while she was having her lunch.  Cool!

The afternoon was whiled away checking on my Loseit friends, ordering new smart-wool socks and doing a little internet research while doing some work around the house.  Internet shopping always makes for a pleasant afternoon!  I think I have an HRM in my future!!  

After supper I went for an additional walk. The M-A needed to take something to someone's house, so we went in the truck for a ride.  He dropped me off on a road I don't usually walk on and I got in a quick, short and fast jaunt- 1.25 miles in just 20 minutes.  whew.  And the fabulous gift I was given was this glorious picture!  I gasped a little bit when I opened it on the computer.  I am truly being blessed during July!  Life is a joy!

Now someone please remind me of this when it is winter!  :)


  1. Debi: Nice recap of day 6 of your birthday month & a beautiful picture.

  2. What a shot, that is amazing Debi.

  3. What a gorgeous sunset! Yes, nature is certainly full of visual blessings for us to enjoy.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. In answer to your question, I use Aperture for my photo editing. My computer came with iPhoto, so I started out with that and then when I wanted to do more, purchased Ap. I felt that it would be an easier transition for me than trying to learn Photoshop. Many folks seem to like Lightroom. What do you use?