Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday photos!! 7/4

I guess sometimes it is easier to just give in to the reality!  Sunday photos will be postponed until Mondays until school starts!  :)

Summertime is grand!

baby apples

The glorious bark on my awesome River Birch

Hot and humid morning

Humidity in PF

Morning shadows

Favorite tree!

Dark and nasty beer!  woo!

There was a rare Mikey sighting!

Yay for sparklers!

Early morning

A somewhat pathetic fireworks capture- no tripod, wrong camera
Too far away, ugh!


  1. Awesome pictures, Debi! You not only have the gift of humorous gab but what you catch on camera is real neat!!

  2. Your photos are always a feast for the eyes. YOu have so much beauty all around you. I especially love the morning photo with the beautiful blue sky/clouds. Amazing!