Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fire pit and family

July is a spectacular month for celebration, the weather is great, people are happy and it just begs for a campfire!

The Accountant and I got a fire pit from the oldest mad-son and his lovely wife as an anniversary present a few years ago.  I love it and just don't use it enough.  So, last night we had an impromptu party involving some of the sparklers that we picked up over in LacduFlambeau yesterday.  It just seemed like it needed to be done!

We gathered our supplies, including many chairs, firewood, matches, cookies, more chairs, beer, hard lemonade, benches, mosquito dope, beer and more cookies.  Someone may have had water!  But she is an underage person!  :)
Miss Lisa

Earlier in the day, Jon was showing off his new bow to his mom and dad.  I tried to pull the thing back, but could only get it to "almost there!".  I think I have a new goal.  So, they kept pulling out older bows and then had a nice little tour of the history of the compound bow in front of us.
Jon with new toy
I have a new goal!

Compare and contrast!

So, we had the Builder (Fred's cousin, Joe), his lovely wife and my friend Brenda, and Miss Lisa came over as well.  No sign of the elusive 3rd son, Mike!
More Oswalds!!!

I had big plans to take awesome, slamming photos of the sparklers-- with a tripod and a remote for my camera, so I could use some long exposures.  Alas, bummer, dude, the stupid battery on the remote is freaking DEAD!!  GRRRR.  Fine, we have more, ahem, sparklers that we can light off tonight or tomorrow.  But, in the meantime, here are some pix from my little camera, which are fine.

It gives you the idea at any rate.  But still...
I have the obligatory selection of stupid photos to end this celebration, because after all, most memorable parties have their fits of stupidity and random acts of goofiness!
Though it looks differently, I had only one SIP at this point

Arm pit pictures are just best left unexplained....

Here are my lovely children at the beginning of the night and at the end.  Poor Sarah was freezing by the fire by bedtime!
Floating Lisa face- she like marshmallows!!

Fountain sparkler

Until next time-- be an impromptu joy giver!  Happy 4th of July!!

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  1. Armpit pics are probably as silly as the ugly feet pictures and shopping bag head pictures taken at my last family get-together!