Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer school begins

I am not really sure why in the world I said I would teach summer school!  After all, it is summer!  One should be resting, relaxing, enjoying the weather..... but when push comes to shove, I will help out where needed. It only runs from 8 am- noon, so it isn't super long.  It was a fun day, a nice start to the event.

I am teaching 2 groups of kids, the first is the group that is going into 1st - 3rd grades, and then the next from 4th - 6th.  It is supposed to be an enrichment event, so the atmosphere is relaxed and happy.  We started off the whole session with making creativity glasses!  These glasses will help the students look at things in a new way, with creativity and joy!  What it is doing is giving them permission to do things with their art that they might not ordinarily do, perhaps choose new colors or patterns, use different types of subject matter, do things that are not normal for them.  Tomorrow when we start painting at an easel, they will use their creativity glasses to try and see themselves in a new way.  Yep, we are going to paint self portraits.  They don't know this yet so SHHHHHH!

Here are a few pix of the kids' glasses and a few pix of kids in action.  The faces have been changed to protect the innocent!

1st-3rd completed glasses

1st - 3rd grade glasses

Glitter station

One thing better than glitter?  MORE glitter

Working hard to finish!
 Tomorrow we will glue in colored cellophane, so we can look at the world through rose colored ( or gold colored) glasses!  And hopefully see ourselves in a whole new way.

I sort of like looking through joy colored glasses!


  1. Aww...! That's awesome. :) I love the idea of creativity glasses. I might have to make some for myself. *HEHE* Have a wonderful week, Deb!

  2. The creativity glasses are an awesome idea, Debi. It will be exciting to see how they progress. (I was a volunteer in my kids classes when they were 1st/3rd grade age & I loved it.)