Sunday, July 17, 2011

One MORE Pix- well, two....

Oh my gosh!  You won't believe what I have seen since I posted a couple hours ago.  A storm went through- cooled everything off considerably- yay!!  

First had gorgeous, angry grey clouds....  LOVE those.

Grey clouds

THEN, right at sunset this happened.  It was spooky and eerie, the whole landscape was pinkish orange, the driveway was pink.  I did not do anything to this photo except crop it and took a little of the red OUT, since it looked so FAKE!  I have never seen anything quite like this.

Reddish orange clouds!
Joy can pop up in many unexpected ways!


  1. Wow, they're both great pics. The second is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!

  2. Those are some awesome Pics Debi. Love the surreal sunset.