Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trip to the sheep farm

We have good friends who own a sheep farm!  Paul and Judy Canik have a beautiful farm west of Butternut Lake, where they make their living raising sheep and Christmas trees.  An interesting combination that seems to work out well for them.

We go over to visit a few times a year, as they are very busy with their 500+ sheep.  It is always an interesting experience.

The first thing you encounter when you arrive is most likely going to be one of these boys- Shep and Buckler.  These dogs may have that sort of Golden retriever kind of look to them, but they are WAAAAY bigger!  I don't have to bend over at all to pet these massive heads, they are right at my hand level.  These two are nice dogs, but I wouldn't want to visit without one of the owners lurking about.

These guys, plus 3 others, take care of the sheep.  They guard them from all the different predators that consider these sheep a potential supper, as in wolves, coyotes, fox, bear, etc.  They are very busy at night!

*I have a few photos taken last fall interspersed in the most recent ones.  They add a little detail to the story.
Shep (I think)

Shep and Buckler
He likes to be petted!
There are also another animal kept to protect the sheep- a Llama. Actually I think there are two of them.  Apparently they aren't quite as effective as the dogs!

One of the llamas - Llami?  
And just because there isn't enough going on, here is the requisite pony for the farm.  He keeps the weeds and grass trimmed in by all the hydrangea and curly willow that they raise for florists and dried flower arrangements.
They have all sorts of other animals, including rabbits, chickens and a guinea hen and a sweet border collie who rounds up any sheep escapees.

So, I wandered off on my own, while there was some good light yet and took a few pix.  Let's start with the rams.  I do not pretend to know anything about these sheep.  I know they are very photogenic, that they do not produce wool, they are "hair sheep", that they get curly horns.  Yep that's about it.


Portrait: Sheep
Obviously proud of himself

I love their coloring!
Hungry guys

Now let's look at some girls and the babies-
Some of the babies are bottle fed, if it was a twin or triplet, and/or if the mama isn't able to take care of it.  They are so sweet!  

Young sheep, with mamas in the back

Aw, one of the bottle babies
Omg, aren't they cute??? 
More of the moms

Oh, wait, let's take a second to look at that sunset!

oooooo, pretty
 And now the rest of the rams- a big group of boys who are in one of the many fields of sheep.

Heading to the hay bales

Eating machines

Beautiful browns

King of the hill

 Some of us just can't wait our turn!
Getting a nice drink- taken last fall
We finished off our visit with a nice round of stories and laughter.  Paul recently sold their somewhat disabled ram named FRED! (yes, named after the Mad-Accountant).  This story is worth it's weight in gold- I've got material for weeks!

If you want to see more about the Beaver Creek Full Curl Ranch, visit it on their website!
Until next time, be a joy giver!


  1. Nice accounting of your visit to the Canik's, Debi.

    I didn't know the MA had a ram named after him?!

  2. The king of the hill pic is great, lol! The babies are precious.