Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last day of my summer vacation- a quick pix

I am so sad that my summer vacation has run out.  I had such a good summer, I really feel like I made good use of it, a little travel, a little staying home, a lot of exercise and a lot of losing weight!  I am down 39.6 pounds as of today.  Holy moly!

Here is one photo from yesterday, my dear friend Cat and I went up to Ashland, WI for a quick shopping trip, walk by the lake and lunch!  Gotta love the big lake!  I'll be posting more pix and catching up asap!!

Have a lovely, joyful day!

The Marina in Ashland- Lake Superior and gorgeous skies


  1. Sounds like you had a great summer! Congratulations on the weight loss, a great achievement!

  2. Beautiful picture, Debi!

    It truly has been an wonderful summer for you! You have lost almost 40 lbs.! That is so VERY, VERY awesome. And what an impact it has had on your health and the way you feel. Your hard work has paid off. You should be very proud of yourself.

    I've enjoyed your blogs & beautiful pictures over the summer months. You truly are a joy giver! God bless!


  3. Joy giver for sure. Have a great year at school, you sexy lady.